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Estate Sale Experts

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Estate Appraisals

Whatever the circumstances, we are here to assist you to close out your estate. We understand about the unique circumstances and challenges closing an estate may bring and our experienced appraiser will assist you with every step along the way. With our 40 years of appraisal and estate services you can rest assured you are receiving the most honest and accurate information about your items, antiques and art.


Estate Sale Management

Wondering if an Estate Sale may be the option for you? Are you downsizing? Are you relocating out of town or to a smaller place? Are you or a family member moving to an assisted living association? Are you wondering what do with the home contents you inherited? Are you having financial difficulties? Are you dissolving a relationship – business or personal, and need to liquidate? If you answer yes any of the following questions, you would benefit by having an estate sale with Done Deal Estate Sales.

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Estate Sales are a profitable way to sell everything quickly and efficiently. Items can include household furniture, household items, modern, retro, antiques or collectibles, cars, boats and other recreational vehicles. Also, everyday items or the strange and unusual finds can be included in your Estate Sale. We have collectors and buyers for everything. Sounds like an Estate Sale or an Antique and Estate Sale is for you, but you don’t feel comfortable with people walking around your home, that is OK! We can hold your estate sale at another location. Not sure if you have enough items for an Estate Sale or an Antique and Estate Sale, that is OK! Your items can be combined within an upcoming Estate Sale in order to make your items available to customers, providing more inventory for purchase. We have the expertise and knowledge necessary to make your Estate Sale run smoothly and successfully.

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